Podcast Ep 119 Carmel Jenkin Figurative Artist

Ep 119 Carmel Jenkin Figurative Artist

In today’s artwork podcast we are talking to Carmel Jenkin. Carmel is a figurative artist from Melbourne Australia who specialises in the woman form. We both equally arrived across Carmel at around the very same time but on different social media platforms. We had been rapid fans. Her paintings are amazingly attractive and special.

Podcast Ep 119 Carmel Jenkin Figurative Artist

In this interview, Carmel talks actually about how her artwork more than the a long time has mirrored her relationship to her very own physique. Not only is Carmel a prolific artist but she is unbelievably good at creating exciting and engaging information throughout social media. So as you can consider we have a massive volume to converse about these days. This is an interview you won’t want to skip.

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Carmel jenkin figurative art

©copyright Carmel Jenkin

Some of the queries we requested Carmel

  • To start with of all, can you tell us wherever your journey in to art started?
  • Did you go to art faculty?
  • What drew you to concentrate on woman figures in certain?
  • Had been your figures generally abstract? How did you obtain your fashion
  • Do you attend existence drawing lessons for inspiration and reference?
  • Exactly where else do you come across your inspiration?
  • What’s your portray procedure from selecting on your subject matter – sketching images etc?
  • Do you ever really feel that your painting is just not performing? And how do you get above that hurdle?
  • Do you do your artwork full time? If not how do you organise your time?
  • Do you ever locate procrastination to be a problem? How do you make yourself function even when you really do not really feel like it?
  • What would you say, is the ideal way for a beginner artist to produce their personal special model?
  • You are so fantastic at Social Media. You are consistently placing out fantastic reels, posts and tales. How do you find the time to generate these kinds of a stream of great articles? Do you have any ideas to make it less difficult?
  • We initially uncovered you on Twitter as you were providing NFTs. When and how did you get into this new sector to promote your art?

Hook up with Carmel Jenkin

Web-site: www.carmeljenkin.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/carmeljenkin

Facebook: www.facebook.com/carmeljenkinartist/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/carmeljenkin

Carmel Jenkin painting

©copyright Carmel Jenkin


Carmel Jenkin Art

©copyright Carmel Jenkin


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