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In Conversation With David Coles of Langridge Artist Colours

Langridge are known for making the highest performing oil colours and mediums free from the conventions and limitations of historical paintmaking. In this instalment of our In Conversation series, David Coles, founder of Langridge Artist Colours talks about his beginnings as a paintmaker, and the story behind his favourite pigment.




0:00 Introduction

0:23 What was your background before beginning to make oil paints?

2:13 How did your journey as a paintmaker begin?

4:49 Where did the name Langridge originate from?

5:30 How many people are in the team and what kind of roles do they have?

7:43 How has the company changed since you began it?

9:01 What was it you want to offer artists which makes your oils different from other colours available?

12:04 Are your oils vegan?

13:38 Would you ever consider making colours in other mediums?

15:53 Why did you decide to write Chromatopia?

19:27 Did the process of writing Chromatopia enrich your own passion for paintmaking?

22:18 Tell us your favourite story behind a certain pigment.

35:32 If you could bring back one obsolete pigment, what would it be?

27:50 What are the paintmaking challenges that certain pigments present?

32:30 Why do some pigments become unavailable?

35:32 If you could give one of your colours to one historical artist (to see how they use it), who would it be and what colour would it be?

37:02 Do some pigments have a higher ecological impact than others?

39:18 What is your view on Cadmium pigments?

41:35 What’s next for Langridge?

43:09 Credits.



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