Inside Out Design

Inside Out Design

This is a fun, one-day project for kids that teaches about positive and negative space and is good for spatial awareness. I taught this to my 1st graders and most of them understood the concepts and some of them needed help.

First, positive space is the shape you cut out of the paper. Negative space is the shape left behind.

You will need one sheet of background paper 8.5″ x 11″ and a color rectangle of paper that is half that size 4.25″ x 11″, scissors and a glue stick.

Start by cutting out a shape from the yellow sheet of paper.

Continue cutting shapes from all sides of the yellow piece of paper.

Line up the yellow “negative space” paper evenly on one side of the black paper. Put all the pieces back together like a puzzle. Glue each of the positive shapes down to the black paper. Don’t glue the large negative space sheet.

Flip over the negative space sheet to the other side, so it is opposite of all of the other shapes. Glue this sheet down.

Here are some more examples.

I haven’t come across a book or video that would go along with this lesson, but if you know of something, please comment to share!

Another similar lesson, but for older kids is the Notan designs. These turn out really cool! You might want to check out this lesson too.

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