Image of Colineo brush range

Introducing Da Vinci’s Colineo Synthetic Watercolour Brushes

I adore watercolour brushes and so I was really thrilled to test out Da Vinci’s new synthetic, vegan watercolour brushes. Quite a few brush suppliers have invested assets into developing a artificial brush array and there are now a rising number on the sector. The improvement of synthetic brush ranges has been driven by a selection of aspects like the price of sable and other animal hair, sustainability and way of life selections. Let’s verify out how Da Vinci’s Colineo range performs.

Image of Colineo brush range

The finest Kolinsky sable brushes are created from the Siberian weasel. It’s crimson sable hair has one of a kind features due to the cold atmosphere it life in. Kolinsky sable brushes are delicate, adaptable and ‘springy’ which suggests that you can get a great range of marks. Thanks to the composition of the hair they also keep h2o properly in the stomach of the brush. The water is then little by little and evenly released onto the paper.

Da Vinci assert that Colineo is a thoroughly well balanced combination of various lengths of straight and wavy synthetic fibres with further fine suggestions and tapered points, substantial elasticity and colour absorption.

A stylish looking brush

The Colineo range includes round, flat, riggers, swords & fan brushes.
The Colineo variety involves spherical, flat, riggers, swords & supporter brushes

These brushes undoubtedly search the portion although they may well induce serious bouts of brush envy in your artwork class! They have a pretty smooth, gray, plywood cope with in a hexagonal shape so that it does not roll off your desk as very easily. The brush head is held in place with a double crimped silver ferrule. The brush by itself seems to be just like it’s sable counterpart.

Check 1 – H2o potential

There is a popular misconception that synthetic brushes do not maintain the similar amount of h2o as common sable brushes. So I resolved to put this to the take a look at.

water capacity test image
Colineo artificial brush in crimson & sable brush in pink

I loaded a fantastic good quality sable brush with drinking water and pink pigment and drew lines across the paper until eventually the brush ran dry. I then took the Colineo spherical artificial brush primed with drinking water and red pigment and repeated the very same approach. The success earlier mentioned discuss for themselves, it is crystal clear that the Colineo artificial brush retains as much as if not a lot more than the sable brush I analyzed.

Check 2 – Mark making range

It’s critical that a brush can make a variety of unique marks dependent on how the brush is held and the strain utilized. Very first I tried using out the Round no. 8 brush.

image if marks made with round Colineo brush

I was ready to deliver a selection of strains from slim through to fatter dense traces as well as dry brush lines. I liked the organic lines I reached by holding the brush right at the finish as well. The point remained sharp and did not break up. There was a excellent amount of money of spring to the brush head to help me to make additional energetic marks way too.

Image of brush marks made with flat Colineo brush

Upcoming I experimented with out the Flat no. 12. Yet again, I was amazed by the wide range of lines I could achieve employing both equally the full flat of the brush and also on it’s facet. The brush head did not split, even when applying it on it is facet, so I was rewarded with sharp strains. Gripping the brush and keeping it much more parallel to the paper authorized me to produce textural marks much too.

My summary

Both equally brushes felt excellent to hold in distinctive grips and in unique spots together the brush. The pounds felt proper anywhere I held the brush. The two brushes carried out well and the excellent is great, as you would be expecting from Da Vinci. The price issue is eye-catching also especially for painters seeking to best up their selection of bigger sized brushes with no breaking the financial institution.

If you are a vegan artist, or want to lower down on the sum of animal-derived art products you use then this selection is a wonderful solution.

General I am impressed! Da Vinci’s statements live up to their promise and I think a number of of these brushes will be discovering their way into my assortment – you can by no means have ample brushes!