Is it time to close our Twitter accounts?

Is it time to close our Twitter accounts?

One of the phenomena associated with the 17 years since I started blogging has been the move of artists into social media. 

First through blogs, then Twitter and latterly via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

However the only thing that is certain in life is that things CHANGE over time.

A lot of artists gave up blogging. Too much writing, too much effort seemed to be the reason. I had multiple blogs at one time dedicated to different art-related topics. Nevertheless I enjoy writing about art and want to keep the long form and now retain and post regularly to two blogs.

Once upon a time I always tweeted my blog post after publication – and now I post it on Facebook instead – where the comments now reside after I had to close down comments on the blog due to the ineffective control of spam by Blogger. 

(Incidentally I have thought of creating a Facebook Group for proper commenting on various topics in order to create a much better environment. At the moment I’m still having to block people on comment on my Pages)

I’ve grown to like Facebook – despite the many awful irritations as it keeps changing! 

I particularly like the photos and albums aspect which allows me to share more images from exhibitions I visit. It also offers a very speedy and effective resolution to spam and nasty comments and I’ve blocked more than a few accounts from seeing and commenting on my Pages.

Artists took to Instagram – and Facebook liked it too. Me not so much – since I can’t leave links to where my words and pics are. However I do see the benefit of Instagram although I still think it’s a lopsided bargain. However a lot of artists can sell via Instagram and do.

Tiktok has never appealed to me – I think it’s a generational thing. I’m sure if I were 50 years younger I’d think it was great!

Twitter – challenge and change

The changes which have occurred in the last few weeks since Elon Musk bought Twitter suggest that it’s time to consider closing down Twitter accounts or maybe deactivating them.

My reason for thinking like this is:
  • the threat that links from Twitter accounts and tweets to other social media sites will NOT be allowed by Elon Musk’s new Policy 

While people around the globe were watching a thrilling FIFA World Cup final, Twitter decided to drop a bombshell and banned links promoting other social networks. The list currently includes Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Nostr, and Post. Plus, link-in-bio tools like Linktree and Lnk.Bio are also banned — these services are commonly used by both creators and businesses. Essentially, you can’t post links to your other social profiles or even type out your handle in a tweet.

The Elon Musk-owned company “no longer allows free promotion of certain social media platforms” on Twitter. The company said that it is removing all accounts “created solely for the purpose of promoting other social networks.” It also plans to remove links to content from above mentioned social platforms. 

Twitter bans posting of handles and links to Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon and more (Updated) | Tech Crunch 


I would be unable to use to provides ONE link
to other places I can be found on social media

Twitter deletes controversial new policy banning links to other social platforms | By Brian Fung, CNN Published 12:08 AM EST, Mon December 19, 2022

  • Nevertheless – who can trust a platform with your content when it is in the hands of somebody who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing? (We’ve already seen what happens when that happens at a governmental level!!)
  • So Elon Musk decided to have a poll. Looks like it’s gone the way the banning of journalists poll went – maybe not quite what he expected.
Screendump of the FINAL RESULT.
Was it what Musk expected – or is this “get out of jail” card/excuse?

Elon Musk’s Twitter poll says he should step down as chief executive – business live | The Guardian (Technology)

No longer the world’s richest man due to the Twitter debacle which has had a very adverse impact on the share value of Tesla etc, it would appear that Musk might value his personal wealth over his so-called commitment to “free speech” – on his terms. – Is this an alternative for artists?

Seriously, Twitter can no longer be relied upon until it is exercising proper social accountability practices and protections and has “proper people” in charge of its operations.

I’ve been noting how a lot of prominent Tweeters have been very busy finding out about Mastodon and setting up their accounts. 

In terms of artists, the first to get set up on Mastodon that I spotted was James Gurney who writes the ever popular art blog Gurney Journey (2007 to date) – who I’ve always regarded very thoughtful and sensible and a bit of a trend setter.

However it’s a totally different type of set-up and hence I’ll be investigating – for those not feeling happy about remaining on Twitter – and looking for a sane place for like-minded souls:

  • how Mastodon works
  • other possible alternatives 
If you’ve found other simple places to move to as an alternative to Twitter I’d love to hear about them.  You can contact me in the usual way