Juxtapoz Magazine - Nic Dyer is Sprinkling a BREADCRUMB

Juxtapoz Magazine – Nic Dyer is Sprinkling a BREADCRUMB

Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present BREADCRUMB, a solo exhibition by Hudson Valley-based artist Nic Dyer. The exhibition will be Dyer’s inaugural solo presentation at Hashimoto Contemporary, and debut solo exhibition in New York City.

BREADCRUMB dives into the artists long term exploration of the act of consumption, utilizing their work to examine the role of food in our lives as well as the broader culture. The exhibition is comprised of a series of eight maximal and detailed mixed media paintings, filled with fruits and candies set within meticulously rendered landscapes. Trails of sweets guide ones eye across the canvas, while rows of three dimensional ants march towards the scattered bounty. From individual blades of grass to minuscule flies, each detail is painstakingly executed. Rounded fleshy apples and ripened bitten fruit tantalizingly call out to the viewer, although to what end?

For this new body of work, Dyer uses well-known narratives to explore the temptation of food. Inspired by fairytales and biblical parables such as that of Adam and Eve, Hansel and Gretel, and Little Red Riding Hood, the artist pulls from these stories, mixing and remixing elements to create deliberately ambiguous messages. Is food the reward? The cause or the effect, and how do we reconcile the two?