Kuxiu X36 iPad Pro magnetic stand with ergo arm (review)


Kuxiu X36 iPad Pro magnetic stand with ergo arm (review)

Review unit provided by Kuxiu

The Kuxiu X36 is a iPad Pro magnetic stand with an ergo arm or monitor arm. This product supports the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 from 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022. The magnetic mounting plate is not interchangeable between iPad 11 and 12.9 so you will have to get the correct model.

I have reviewed numerous tablet stands for the iPad Pros and this is the first monitor arm I’ve seen with a magnetic plate made for the iPad Pro. Most monitor arms use a clamp system which isn’t as convenient when you attach or remove the tablet from the arm. The magnetic plate makes it easy to attach and remove the iPad Pro.

The price of the Kuxiu X36 iPad Pro monitor arm is US $99 and that includes free global shipping.

This monitor arm as solid build quality as almost all parts are made of metal. The surface texture is matte.

The maximum width for the clamp is 5cm.

There is rubber padding on each side of the clamp to protect your table.

Once clamped, the monitor arm is extremely stable.

The arm itself is not a single piece of metal but actually two metal stems joined by the hinge.

The first arm section attached to the clamp has a limited angle of movement which ensures this part is always vertical, or perpendicular to the table top. The other two arms can be move 360 degrees.

If you want to clamp to the table feet, the first arm section cannot bend upwards so it will always be pointing out.

The mounting plate for the iPad Pro has strong magnets. Despite how strong the magnets are, you will still want to hold the plate and iPad Pro together when adjusting them to your preferred angle. The angle of the arm cannot be adjusted by holding only onto the iPad Pro because the arm hinges are too stiff.

However, it is possible to change the orientation of the iPad Pro with one hand.

The hinge behind the mounting plate has adjustment for all three axis.

This is a versatile iPad Pro stand that does not take up table space like other stands since the tablet just “floats” above the table. Because the hinges are so strong, you can tap on the iPad Pro with your finger and the tablet won’t wobble.

The arms can folded to whatever angle and direction you want. Note that the first arm is always vertical.

The arm can go sideways for maybe 80cm.

There isn’t much downside to this arm in terms of design and build quality. Just note that the hinges are stiff and will take some effort to move them into your preferred angle.

And it’s important to make sure you have space underneath the table for the clamp. I wanted to clamp it to my computer table which has a back board so I wasn’t able to do that. And I can’t clamp it to the side of that table because it’s more than 5cm thick.

It’s a good stand if you need the flexibility of the movable arm.

You can get this stand from Kuxiu online store.

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