Options for Growing Your Email List

Wall sculpture by Karyn Gabriel

Such an important subject! As someone who you interviewed on the subject of email marketing and who has written a 160 page e-course about email marketing created for artists only, I have to jump in. (So what else is new? Right?)

One other really important possible lure that really works is offering a coupon good for … you name it. It could be a coupon for half off shipping up to a certain size item or even free shipping on sales over a certain amount. For those who have items other than fine art they are selling, it could be a coupon offer of a discount on the item itself. (Being careful here: I never recommend discounts on fine art, but a set of porcelain mugs or a pair of earrings is expected to go on sale once in a while.)

This is a win/win! If someone has been “browsing” your collection on line or in person at an event, they will love that offer and it could be the push they need to purchase. So this often creates a sale AND a new subscriber all in one fell swoop!

And asking for someone to join is just like asking for any sale: just do it. ALWAYS give them the “benefits”. State something like, “I send out very occasional emails, but it’s how I let my collectors know about my career, my events, subscriber only promotions, and other studio news.”

Lastly: don’t try to get too much DNA – first name (must have that!) and email address it plenty!

PS: Constant Contact has an app for mobile sign-ups, too as well as many sign-up tools to use like creating QR codes, etc.
PPS: I have taught on this exact subject and I have a white paper I can share called “25 ways to grow your email list”Happy to send that to anyone that might want it. No strings attached! They don’t even need to signup for my list – LOL!

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