“Paddling Dogs River Bridge” | The Unfathomable Artist

“Paddling Dogs River Bridge” | The Unfathomable Artist

“Paddling Dogs River Bridge” [26th December 2022-2nd January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing with H, HB, 4B, 8B, charcoal stick, leaf green, light green, fauna brown and sky blue pencils, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3064 x 2631 pixels.

I have already made commentary regarding the art making process for this sketch shown above in my earlier blog article entitled My Work in Progress.

For easier comparable reference, here is the original photograph from whence my artwork is derived, immediately below:

“Paddling Dogs River Bridge – photograph” [14th October 2021, 1617hrs] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

For the enjoyment of my dear Readers I would like to include a few personal quotations by me during the making of “Paddling Dogs River Bridge”:

“First draft 46m [minutes] second draft 22m.

always amazes that some artworks just do, others take time to make good. idk. for me i appreciate Monet is the masterpiece maker of landscapes.

anyway yes it does have some faces. i only noticed whilst to send too [typo] you. I’ve overworked canvases before. not certain this needs much more really. its like the Gosling. i didnt like it so much at first. then i loved it 🎨 for its uniqueness 📝

nb Im calling this one Paddling Dogs River, prolly, even though obv it is [obscured Lake] stream/river” – Tuesday 27th December 2022, 1836hrs.

“No changes for the water. I could obsess about the shapes, i obsessed for half an hour just with water.

i never intended realism ideas just impressionistic. Despite my love for trees and bushes, artistically they art so difficult for me sometimes.

I think its minimalist quality is its charm, its uniqueness. Its the beautiful River [obscured] and the concrete block of a manmade feature, adjacent. This could be the forming of the [obscured] Lake in symbolism. [my hometown] is made from the quarry of the lake itself or so i understand anyway.” – Tuesday 27th December 2022, 1122hrs.

“How do we save the Poles, the Earth from climate catastrophe? How much climate devastation is enough?

In 1977 there was a blizzard that arrived by reason of cause and effect. It is nothing [purposed] Newtonian, merely mans own engineered involvement with the woeful disruption of nature.

It is all foretold in numerous modern fictional works let alone 19th century classical literature. “Writers could perceive the destruction.”.

Everything is cause and effect. In this we can perceive a Newtonian effect occurring. A law of climate physics.

Without law and order as regards human beings there is chaos. 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 et al. There is a wildfire of climate destruction the WHO has advised upon for three decades.” – Thursday 29th December 2022, 1401hrs.

Of course, here I am discussing mans own designated climate laws, some or many disregarded for commercial venture. A spiritual corruption if you will. The foretelling is the numerous fictional works explaining a dystopian future.

The Newtonian effect would include for instance the millions of tonnes of sea ice lost annually through manmade commercial ruination. The rain/snow must logically fall somewhere in this atmospherically manipulated commercially overheated Earth. The international press has clearly documented increased flooding in certain parts of the world.

Wherever climate laws are abandoned or corruptively bypassed, the result sadly, tragically, is loss of life and economic disaster.

“Art. Fourth draft done. Approx 20 mins. Whilst the River [obscured] is beautiful, my chosen composition isn’t the classical beauty landscape.

The concrete block is very urban. I love the water, the faces. The photo is more beautiful.

anyway i love the water, the river i drew. For me, everything about this artwork is the River [obscured].

Possibly this is nature versus manmade constructs?

Approx 2 hours over four drafts. You know, as i made this i thought.. every artist that produces another version through the oft difficult drawing process, i applaud your professionalism.” – Thursday 29th December 2022, words my own in abbreviated communication style of modern culture.

I would like to mention that over the past few weeks I had consciously [as usual] thought of commercial farming practices. I believe that somehow subconsciously my work is amplifying the plight of some livestock conditions, inadvertently.

I wish this blog article to be thought-provoking with a sense of strong feeling toward positive climate change.

nb Artwork image photographed indoor with the door open to let the natural light shine upon the canvas.

I prefer a photographically brightened version for online publication to delineate the canvas texture. However, I appreciate that due to monitor screens and smartphones this might vary the appearance of the shadows within artworks.

Obviously edits are intended to replicate what I see looking at my sketch. Here is my photographed sketch with fewer post-production edits:

“Paddling Dogs River Bridge – edited image two” [26th December 2022-2nd January 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing with H, HB, 4B, 8B, charcoal stick, leaf green, light green, fauna brown and sky blue pencils, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3064 x 2636 pixels.

With image two (shown immediately above) the darker river tones on the left are probably more accurate to the original canvas. Whilst the right-sided river detail is slightly darker than the original.

It’s all very much of a muchness since hand-drawn artworks are always nicer to see in person. Although a lovely advantage to online works is the ability to zoom-in on fine details for a closer look at structure and pencil work upon the canvas fibers.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and heartfelt thoughts.