She Makes Restaurant Ware | Emilie Brichard | Episode 902

She Makes Restaurant Ware | Emilie Brichard | Episode 902

Emilie Brichard | Episode 902

malo is the pottery studio of Emilie Brichard who divides her time between two French cities, Paris and Saint-Etienne. Emilie came to ceramics through her interest for tableware. When Emilie became a potter after years working as an architect, she naturally chose to focus on utilitarian ceramics, designed for an everyday use.


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How do you use social media?

I don’t like taking photos so it helps me archive my work. And of course I also need it to be visible, some of my clients, usually it’s friends of chefs, more like this, I mean it is a way to add new customers. But it is my way to remember what I do. (laughter)

I’m curious about return customers, how do you maintain those relationships?

There are two different things. For chefs and restaurants once the order comes in if they want a new plate or new something they know me so they just send me an email. I post quite a lot but I am so bad at expressing myself if there is one plate I just say plate and that’s it. (laughter) That is something I should work on a bit maybe. For professionals they just send an email for individuals I send a newsletter when I do a sale. And they see my work on Instagram to keep me in mind.

Has your recent move  hurt your sales or the relationship with any of your customers?

Yes and no. No too much because I moved in 2017 but I had my place in Paris until 2020 and then Covid. But today I feel it would be easier, not all the time, if I was in Paris more.

Does the stress of the deadline ever create burnout for you?

No. No because quickly, what happened last year I had Covid so I couldn’t work for two months and then last February I went back to work and I was so tired. The restaurants did not want to cancel, they wanted to keep the orders and I was so late on everything and it was winter and the drying is longer and today I am so late. When it’s a restaurant opening I try to be on time. Then I need to stop and get some rest and then start again.

Do you have time to experiment with new ideas?

That’s the biggest problem. No. Definitely no. That’s the main problem and that’s also what I want to change next year. Maybe a day a week, I don’t know how, but I need to get fresh air and new glazes. I mean I’ve been making those plates for years now but I still love them.

What is it about repetitive work that is so satisfying for you?

The reason?

Yes, why do you enjoy it?

First, you are getting better because you are doing the same thing, So we getting better and quicker. I think the rhythm, the clay, the plate, the clay, the plate, maybe we could say it is a kind of meditation. Maybe it is, I don’t know, but I think it is the best way to learn.


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