‘Superpowered on tour’ for Queensland kids

‘Superpowered on tour’ for Queensland kids

Superpowered on Tour’ is four fun and engaging interactive projects for kids, developed by First Nations Australian artists in collaboration with QAGOMA. The annual ‘Kids on Tour’ program provides this content free of charge to communities throughout Queensland. ‘Superpowered on Tour’ is presented from December 2022 to July 2023 in more than 180 art galleries, libraries and schools across remote and regional Queensland.

Tony Albert (Girramay/Yidinyji/Kuku Yalanji peoples), Gordon Hookey (Waanyi people), Vincent Namatjira (Western Aranda people) and Kaylene Whiskey (Yankunytjatjara people) are leading Indigenous Australian artists who use their voice and their art to empower Aboriginal people and create inspirational imagery for all children.

Superpowered‘ is also at the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre until 16 July 2023

Tony Albert

Tony Albert often works closely with other artists, communities and organisations. He believes that one of the best ways to learn from and connect with people is to live and work together. Albert’s activity is Warakurna Warriors. It invites children to create their own superhero identity and they can design their own costume using a template and trace a selection of outfits adding details and colour. This activity was inspired by Albert’s photographic series Warakurna Superheroes 2017, made in collaboration with children from Warakurna in Western Australia.

Young visitors at Tony Albert’s Warakurna Warriors 2018 in ‘Superpowered’, Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Brisbane, 2022 / © Tony Albert / Photograph: K Bennett © QAGOMA

Gordon Hookey

Gordon Hookey’s artworks are inspired by Australian history and everyday life, often using native Australian animals to represent Indigenous Australians. Hookey’s interactive is Make a Roo, and it invites children to choose from a number of kangaroo mask templates. Children can customise their own design, wear the mask and ‘hop into character’.

Young visitors at Gordon Hookey’s Make A Roo 2013 in ‘Superpowered’, Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Brisbane, 2022 / © Gordon Hookey / Photograph: K Bennett © QAGOMA

Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira paints lively, expressive portraits of historical figures, international heads of state, and public figures. His activity, Power Portraits, invites children to adopt ‘power icons’ such as crowns and hats in the form of paper props and pose for a photograph in front of a fun paper backdrop.

Young visitors at Vincent Namatjira’s Power Portraits 2018 in ‘Superpowered’, Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Brisbane, 2022 / © Vincent Namatjira / Photograph: K Bennett © QAGOMA

Kaylene Whiskey

Kaylene Whiskey’s colourful, humorous paintings celebrate strong kungkas (women). Whiskey often paints images of herself and her heroes — pop culture icons such as Dolly Parton and Wonder Woman — having fun in her remote community or engaging in traditional activities like collecting bush tucker. Children can draw a Super Party picture, a scene featuring their own heroes using coloured pencils and cut out pictures from a collage sheet.

Visitors at Kaylene Whiskey’s Super Party 2022 in ‘Superpowered’, Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Brisbane, 2022 / © Kaylene Whiskey / Photograph: K Bennett © QAGOMA

These four artists have created interactives that focus on strong empowering messages and humour, and invite young audiences into a world full of amusing and courageous characters.

Since 1998, the Gallery has collaborated with more than 300 Australian and international contemporary artists and the Children’s Art Centre at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is a leader in developing interactive projects, activities and publications that engage children with contemporary cultures, artists and ideas.

Visit ‘Superpowered on Tour’ for venues and more information.

Superpowered‘ is at the Gallery of Modern Art’s Children’s Art Centre until 16 July 2023

Featured image: Visitor at ‘Superpowered’, Children’s Art Centre, GOMA, Brisbane, 2022 / Photograph: K Bennett © QAGOMA

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