What is an Art Studio? 17 types with description and meaning

What is an Art Studio? 17 types with description and meaning

The actual workspace

While many artists have a studio at their home, I joke that we have a home at my studio, because the studio is by far the main part of the building. The big meeting hall that the club had is my workspace, with a 25 ft. high ceiling, and huge windows. It’s about 1400sq. ft., and also has a loft and outdoor work area, plus 12 parking spaces! We converted what had been the caretaker’s apartment upstairs to our live space, which is an additional 700 sq.ft. What’s even better is that we are in the lovely Rockridge neighborhood, and around the corner from numerous cafes, restaurants, groceries, and 2 blocks to the Bart train for easy access to San Francisco.

Studio and galleries

I am not open to the public and never sell out of my studio since galleries represent my work. I rarely have clients over but I do have tour groups from various museums and arts organizations come through for a studio visit, and close friends visit to exchange ideas, but I work alone. I don’t have an assistant, but my husband does help me when I do a resin pour and when I’m packing pieces up for a show.

Art business

My studio definitely helps my art business because it gives me the space to work in any scale and produce a lot of work. I have large walls to hang my work so I can see what I’ve done, and it looks like a gallery. We do have mortgage payments, but the studio is virtually free since we live here too. It’s taken me many years to get to this point!

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