15 of my Favorite Lessons for Spring!

15 of my Favorite Lessons for Spring!

Cassie Stephens: 15 of my Favorite Lessons for Spring!

15 of my Favorite Lessons for Spring!

One of my favorite lessons (and more popular vidoes) is this Heather Galler-inspired floral painting. We did these in April and they were always an art show show-stopper! Not to mention, a great gift for Mother’s Day! Full lesson with video here.

I even love them in black and white! If you are short on time, these could be completed with tissue paper squares…see my lesson below for more details on that process.

Liquid watercolor was how we finished these off. I like using liquid watercolor on larger projects. I always save pan watercolor for more detailed work. 

This lesson is a hit with ALL grade levels! I first did this lesson years ago with second grade. Last year, I did it with everyone and the results are always beautiful. Full lesson and simple video here!

So many ways to finish these beauties. We opted for chalk but we’ve also used bleeding tissue, watercolor and tempera paint too!

Springtime is the best time to introduce landscapes to your students! This one is so fun…it’s chalk like you might have never used it before! Chalk…that doesn’t need to be set with a fixative. More here!

I will advise this: when adding paint after the chalking, use tempera cakes, they were so much better than the tempera paint I used in the video.

Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms! This one was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s love of Japanese prints. I created a video and you can find it here. 

I think my favorite part is the textured paper we created for the background!

What is better than neon oil pastels and watercolor?! Not much, I say. We loved creating these coloful landscapes and they so brightened the halls. For the complete lesson and the video (I told you, I got you covered!) here.

Cereal boxes for the win, friends! Start collecting now!

Honestly, I don’t know who loves puffy paint more, me or the kids! Just keep a pin on hand to unclog the nozzle. The paint does tend to dry out and clog the inside!

Here’s a little lesson I created to use up popsicle sticks (ha!) and for a sub! These turned out so cute and the kids loved them! Video lesson here. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one with three million trillion popsicle sticks!

These clay flowers my third graders created were so beautiful! 

Each one was so creative. I provide the step by step photos in this blog post. 

The details! Loved the birds and bugs added!


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