Ale Casanova | Colored Intimacy

Ale Casanova | Colored Intimacy

About Ale Casanova

Ale Casanova (b. 1981) is a Spanish artist with exhibitions all over Spain, France, and Norway. His will work express basic scenes with absolute naturalness and crudeness by figures and portraits. Casanova’s artistic apply demonstrates a playfulness with shade, where by brightness gets to be “the elementary axis.” Most of the time, he creates with oils on cloth.

He displays easy scenes with complete naturalness and rawness by way of figures and portraits. The viewer gains several unique feelings and queries about what the scene is about, which situations it is element of, and the would like to be a portion of it.

Choosing to depict nudes to create attraction, he seems to be for a perception of intimacy to engage the viewer in a non-public, sensual second – with no malice in any way.

My do the job consists of oil and watercolor as key figures. I also use social media with the very same intention, relevance, composition, and type. 

In each of my works, just one could find my preference for the use of coloration, from the brownest and most blurred colors to the most saturated and superior-contrast ones, turning shade into a recreation where by the brightness of the colour turns into the fundamental axis. I perform on the portray with immediate and specific brushstrokes where by subtle gradients combine brushstroke cuts.

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