ARCO Madrid + Alternative Art Fair Events Reviewed

ARCO Madrid + Alternative Art Fair Events Reviewed

Large-Scale Installations and New Media Art

This year’s fair showcases increased confidence, demonstrated by numerous large-scale installations and new media art pieces. The event exudes the aura of a top-tier art fair, displaying impressive and massive artworks that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

New and Noteworthy Participants

ARCO Madrid 2023 welcomes significant new participants, including prominent American gallery David Zwirner. Additionally, the fair features two curatorial programs and introduces ArtsLibris, adding further diversity and intrigue to the event. The art fair has regained momentum, boasting a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

How to Get Your Art into ARCO Madrid

ARCO Application Process

Participating in ARCO Madrid: The fair does not accept individual artist applications. Instead, artists must be represented by a commercial gallery, which must apply on their behalf. A gallery must be open for at least two years before applying to any professional trade show or art fair.

Selection Criteria and Point System

ARCO Madrid employs a strict selection process, relying on a point system to assess gallery applications. The jury evaluates each gallery’s program and proposal based on specific criteria. Factors like previous participation in ARCO or representation of artists who have participated increase a gallery’s score. New galleries may find entering more challenging, as the point system often favors established galleries with a history at the fair.

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