Artist Jules Arthur, his art & Resilient Sisterhood Project

Artist Jules Arthur, his art & Resilient Sisterhood Project

“Harriet Tubman – Portrait painted in oil on canvas panel – 28″ x 40”, 2017

Mounted on distressed wood, rusted metal railroad rails, antique brass frame, 1800’s bible, civil war revolver, and post document memorabilia. The box window showcases narrative aspects depicting her journey, the dangerous mission, and the threats of the times. The window box is lined with fabric representing the quilts made by artisans of the era.(All credit for the image and caption below to Jules Arthur and his website)

Jules Arthur has been partnering with the Resilient Sisterhood Project (RSP) for years, lending his name and talent to art-focused events which drive education and fundraising. The works, featured here and owned by RSP, have only been rarely available for viewing in person or online. Don’t miss this opportunity to check them out!

What is the Resilient Sisterhood Project?

The Resilient Sisterhood Project is a Boston-area group dedicated to reproductive equality. This New York Times article explains how the US is full of inequality in the health system: particularly for black women.

The cruelty of Dr. Marion Sims

Did you know that the creator of the speculum, Dr. Marion Sims believed that Black women didn’t feel as much pain as white women and thus did not use anesthetic when operating on them? For 2019’s “A Celebration to Remember Our Foremothers in Gynecology” The Resilient Sisterhood Project commissioned three original paintings by Jules Arthur. All three works strive to honor Sims’ female subjects and to refocus the narrative away from Sims and his cruel and unethical medical practices.

A Narrative of reverence to our foremothers in gynecology

RSP is now planning a new groundbreaking exhibition featuring a viewing of all six Jules Arthur paintings commissioned by RSP. Arthur will create three new paintings to complement the works from 2019, again working to capture these complex Black historical narratives. It will also feature artists Vinnie Bagwell, Michelle Browder, Michelle Hartney, and Jeremy Daniel. The exhibition is being curated by Dell Marie Hamilton, an artist, scholar, and curator at Harvard University’s Hutchins Center, where the exhibition will be on view from March 30th through the autumn.


A formal analysis of Jules Arthur’s art

Jules Arthur “Mothers of Gynecology”

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