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Required Reading

Required Reading

This week, AI news anchors, LA’s sushi revolution, a welcome interruption to King Charles’s coronation, lots of viral posts, and why did Austrian newspapers leave their front pages blank?

Former OpenSea Staffer Convicted of Fraud

Former OpenSea Staffer Convicted of Fraud

Federal prosecutors say the conviction marks the first insider trading case involving NFTs.

Subash Thebe Limbu Wins the 5th VH AWARD Grand Prix

An exploration of time as many entwined possibilities, Ladhamba Tayem; Future Continuous imagines a future where Indigenous people traverse the space-time continuum.

Understanding France’s New Restitution Guidelines

Notably, the highly anticipated report released by President Macron outlines criteria for the repatriation of human remains.

Mie Yim’s Howls of Uncertainty

Her work derives its power from the instability of not knowing exactly what ground you’re standing on when looking at it.

In Its 150th Year, MassArt Presents 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibitions

Work from MFA candidates at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design is on view in Boston at MassArt x SoWa and on campus, with public artist talks on May 26.

Lee Lozano’s Dropout Boogie

In this age of self-promotion and careerism, there’s something stunning, and inspiring, about the integrity of someone who had the courage just to leave.

Sophie Eisner Welds the Scars of Her Past

Her welded-steel sculptures and performance art produce scar-riddled proxies for connections that are usually intangible.

The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery Confronts Contemporary Landscapes in the only constant

Featuring Tarek Al-Ghoussein, Patty Chang, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Sharon Lockhart, Taus Makhacheva, Haroon Mirza, Clifford Ross, Thomas Struth, and Vivek Vilasini.

Harnessing Scale for Native Visibility

LA-based artist Ishi Glinsky often works big, enlarging smaller objects to honor the traditional art forms of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

A Free NYC Film Festival Puts the Lens on Native Stories

The National Museum of the American Indian’s series focuses on films exploring the histories and communities that “make New York a Native place.”

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