EP 127 Make Videos of Your Art with Zach Wolfson

EP 127 Make Videos of Your Art with Zach Wolfson

Our podcast guest today is Zach Wolfson. Zach studied poetry, creative writing and filmmaking at Colorado College where he got his underdrad degree. He is now a filmmaker and educator based in Denver where he founded a video content and strategy studio.

Zach teaches artists and creatives how to promote themselves in an authentic way using video. In this podcast he’ll be sharing tips to help you create videos for social media.

EP 127 Make Videos of Your Art with Zach Wolfson

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Some of the questions we asked Zach

1. Please could you tell us a bit about you, your background and how you got into video.

2. Can you give us some basics of the format of video we should be creating now? Length video, Vertical or horizontal.

3. What equipment would you say is essential to make good a video for social media, without having to spend a fortune? Would you say an iPhone for instance, is good enough for a camera? And what about lights and things like that?

4. Can you give us some idea on what sort of videos we should be creating as artists?

5. For artists that take a long time to create their art, is there a way that they can get multiple videos from just one piece of art?

6. Can you give us some ideas of workflows of how we can create our art videos efficiently? How we can create videos in as little time as possible?

7. The thing I find hardest about videoing my art process is that I find it time consuming and I feel like I’d be better using the time to actually paint. Also it can interrupt the flow… Have you got any workarounds for that?

8. Is showing our face important? What about people who hate being in front of a camera?

9. What are the most common mistakes you see artists make with their social media videos?

10. Should we have text and captions on our videos?

11. What tips do you have to make your videos stand out from the rest? Or is it best to follow the trends like so many artists do?

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Connect with Zach

Instagram @zach.wolfson

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Website zachwolfson.com

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