EXTENSION of Deadline for Landscape Artist of the Year (Series 9)

EXTENSION of Deadline for Landscape Artist of the Year (Series 9)

Do not fear! The deadline for the Call for Entries for the next Series (9) of Landscape Artist of the Year is not tomorrow. 

REJOICE! The deadline has been extended until noon on Monday 1st May 2023.

If you paint landscapes regularly you’ve still got time to enter!

They do this – extended the deadline – every single year.

Normally I read this as meaning that 

  1. they’ve had a look at all the applications they’ve received to date and 
  2. they are short of decent calibre artists for the pods.

So if you fancy having a go, you’ve got all of the weekend and the morning of the Bank Holiday on Monday to get your submission together – even if you’ve not done anything about it to date!! 🙂

How to Enter

You can read all the details about the Call for Entries which covers:

  • who can enter
  • terms & conditions
  • eligible landscape paintings for your entry
  • how to complete your digital entry

I cannot emphasise enough HOW IMPORTANT THE SUBMISSION LANDSCAPE ISThis is the painting that:

  • gets you into the competition;
  • counts as part of the assessment of how you might deliver a commission – given there is no limit on the amount of time required for your submission painting
  • decides whether or not you will be a Heat Winner i.e. it will be lined up alongside your heat painting if you get in a pod and get shortlisted to determine who wins
  • goes to the Semi Finals and the Finals – should you get that far – and 
  • counts as part of the process for deciding the overall winner

In other words it’s never ever JUST the Heat Painting which decides how you progress in the competition.

My blog post also includes

  • a commentary on the very particular nature of the Landscape Artist of the Year competition
  • how to paint a landscape in 4 hours
  • why Sky Arts really needs to upgrade the competence of the people in the pods or get better at picking good people (because some are regularly outperformed by the wildcard artists who weren’t selected for a pod!)

Don’t forget that only the pod artists who get some expenses and it’s entirely possible you could be out of pocket if you decided to be a pod artist.

The Series 9 Heats will be filmed around the UK on the following dates

  • Heats One and Two: in the week commencing 12th June 2023
  • Heats Three and Four: in the week commencing 19th June 2023
  • Heats Five and Six: in the week commencing 26th June 2023
  • in July(?) 2023 re. the Semi Finals, Finals (and Commission?)

If you get a wildcard spot there’s no guarantee that the heat you’re allocated to is one near your home. Last year people were flying out to Northern Ireland!

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