Host of Shaping Your Pottery Podcast | Nic Torres | Episode 909

Host of Shaping Your Pottery Podcast | Nic Torres | Episode 909

Nic Torres | Episode 909

Nic Torres runs a podcast called Shaping Your Pottery to help potters to discover their unique voice. Nic has been making pottery for 5 years and he knows how hard it is to develop your unique voice in pottery. That is why it is Nic’s mission to help potters find theirs.


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Why another podcast. I mean there’s already The Potters Cast, why do we need another one? (laughter) 

That’s a really good question. So for me, I wanted my podcast to be more specific. I wanted to really help people find their voice and I will maybe go on and try to explore something later on, but I really wanted it to be more…a little bit focused so that people can really grow in a certain way.

Was there anybody you needed to ask to get permission to do this?

No. I just kind of started.  I just kind of went in a started doing it.

I love that. There is nobody who has to give you permission. There are no gatekeepers. 

Was it super expensive to get up and running?

Not really. It was maybe five dollars a month and that’s it. Definitely not hundreds or thousands of dollars. I had the site where they hosted for my podcast and I used Zoom and my headphones. That was it.

Where did you learn the skill of podcasting?

The first thing I did was I started modeling who I thought was a really good podcaster and I could kind of model after. There second thing I did was I invested in myself and I bought a course that helped me learn about podcasting. And the third thing is I really did more research along the way. I tried to improve my interview skills by reading certain books on communication.

Would you say that your episodes have grown better than since your earlier ones?

I would definitely say that, yes. When I first started I couldn’t come up with follow up questions. I was just reading off of my list of what I sent them. But as I began to do more and more episodes and interviews the better I became at listening better and I was able to ask better follow up questions that lead to better answers.

Have you had any conversations on your show where you felt intimidated?

I wouldn’t really say I felt intimidated by anybody. Maybe the first couple…the first one I did I was nervous but I never really felt intimidated. I felt that I was going into it to learn and help other people and that really helped a lot.

When you are not in the studio making and you are not in the studio recording, what do you do for fun?

I typically watch anime and I play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends. But I think what I do most is probably learn new things to improve my mindset to improve my way of life. So that in the future when I am able to I am prepared to be the best person I can be.


Atomic Habits by James Clear


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