Roman Szmal

In Conversation with Roman Szmal

Roman Szmal
Watercolour Painting

Roman Szmal, the maker behind Aquarius, joins us in the studio and shares his background prior to making his own watercolours, as well as his journey to becoming a paint-maker through constantly improving his recipe and collaborating with artists. Find out what sets Roman Szmal apart in the world of watercolours in this instalment of our In Conversation film series.




0:00 Introduction

0:22 What was your background before beginning to make watercolours?

1:02 How did your journey as a paint-maker begin?

4:10 What do you think sets Roman Szmal watercolour apart from other watercolour ranges?

7:41 How do you ensure that the pans are easily rewettable?

9:28 Buff Titanium

10:09 Why do you produce pans of colour instead of tubes?

10:50 Why fill the pans by hand instead of mechanically?

11:30 How many people are in the team and what kind of roles do they have?

12:55 Do you still work with artists?

13:28 Credits



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Roman Szmal