Juxtapoz Magazine – We Might All Be “Dreaming Awake “

Juxtapoz Magazine - We Might All Be "Dreaming Awake "

GR gallery is pleased to present Dreaming Awake, a bright and aesthetically balanced group exhibition featuring 15 fresh works on canvas by artists Dan Oliver, Geppy Pisanelli and Mark Posey. The title is inspired by the exclusive concept that defines the artists new series and the destabilizing perception of an outlandish realm, where reality and fantasy fuse together establishing a sense of reverie, able to push the viewer to reflect on the current state of the arts, by throwing him in a case of semi dormancy in order to eventually awake and find the revelation.

Dreaming Awake intentionally generates a disorienting visual thread that represents a newly accomplished state of mind, where the individual reaches a new level of consciousness as a result of giving a tangible form to the subconscious, completing the resurrection from a form of lethargy and apathy that limits people thoughts and ability.

With his distinctive painting style that combines surrealism and rural romanticism, Dan Oliver constructs a dream-like vision of the world that is simultaneously familiar and strange. Oliver’s imagery ranges from figural to abstract, and realistic to symbolic. He skillfully blends past memories with concerns of the present, creating idyllic, yet haunting images evoking nostalgia, and engaging with contemporary concerns. On the other side, Geppy Pisanelli’s highly conceptual inner landscapes are the development of a strenuous conflict between reason and deception, that resolves in an ambiguous misty natural scenery, characterized by a deep contemplation about the clarity of the soul. Specific and recurrent meaningful objects serve as a guide to the viewer, able to offer a key to the interpretation of this metaphysical and surreal composition. Mark Posey gives a new and unexpected life to everyday objects, using them as an unconventional interpretation of the psyche and power of dreams. His hypnagogic artworks put together, in an almost Dadaist way, recognizable traditional objects, figures and words apparently unrelated, creating a sort of flux of consciousness in images glued together by a unique style that imitates the effect of condensation on a mirror, symbolizing the resolution of the ancient challenge.

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