Let’s talk about ephemera – Margarete Miller

Let’s talk about ephemera – Margarete Miller

I started the new year working on several collage projects that I could share through videos.

First, I worked on a collage, all inspired by this beautiful British postage stamp.

What a winter beauty!

I wanted to show you precisely how I put this collage together, layer by layer. It took me several days for me to gather all the right pieces and place everything. Before I glued it down, I turned on the camera and recorded my process of paper selecting and placement. Here is the video:

Next, I got to work on a junk journaling project called , sponsored by Megjournals. My prompt was “throwback”, and so I created a paper wallet, along with a vintage inspired ATC (artist trade card).


The ATC looks like an ID card, doesn’t it?

This is a super easy project to make. I used a paper grocery bag and a piece of velum for the window in the wallet. I created the wallet for placing inside of a junk journal. It’s very thin, and you can fill it will little paper treasures. Decorate it in whatever “throwback” style that matches your junk journal.

Since I’d been working on collaging with a lot of ephemera, I started getting a lot of questions in the video comments of both videos. I decided that I’m going to do a Q&A live stream for a whole hour, all about paper ephemera. Check it out if you are interested. It’s this coming Friday at 9am, Pacific time. Send me your question ahead of time (you can hit reply to this email if you’d like).

Here are some of the questions I’ll cover:

  1. Where to find it, buy it?
  2. How do you make a cohesive cluster?
  3. When do you use originals over copies? Is it ok to scan and use a copy?
  4. How do you look for different sizes?
  5. How do you store it?
Click on the image to be taken to the Live Stream

Lastly, I’ve been on Instagram for several years and wanted to make a video providing some insight into posting on Instagram, from an artist’s perspective. In this video I share my ideas for ways to creatively post.

I hope you’ve got plenty of art ideas and projects to keep you happily occupied!

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