Listening To Your Heart When Your Mind Disagrees | Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka, born on the 13th November 1987 in Warsaw, is a ceramic, sculptor, and ceramic instructor at the Backyard garden of Arts ceramic studio in Warsaw, Poland. Paulina has graduated from Sculpture School, The Academy of the Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2015. At the moment Paulina is building her own wooden-fired kiln.


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Why do you assume there is occasionally a conflict amongst the coronary heart and the intellect?

So you know, I consider it is quite all-natural, the conflict in between head and heart for the reason that as we say in polish, we really often would like to have a cake and consume a cake.

We have the same phrase. 

Of course, you have the exact same phrase. So specifically for people who have a good deal of interests it is pretty widespread that we have these kinds of inisde conflict.

When you had been attempting to make that conclusion how loud was the voice of “reason”? How loud was that voice telling you, This won’t do the job

I consider louder was the voice that it will function. And to really encourage this voice I was slowly, bit by bit, getting more engaged into our relatives company. Coming to work at the workshops soon after my normal position so I was trying to lower the chance of failure and I was feeling that is the second for the reason that my mom is becoming….not older, but she requirements extra support. So I was usually considering that this second will take place, but I was only wondering when would be the right moment.

How did you know it was time to consider the leap?

When I was emotion so super worn out operating sometimes thirteen, fourteen, several hours a day. And I was feeling it was way too a great deal for me. That I have to have to resign from a thing due to the fact it will be like this, I will just begin becoming unwell. Severely.

It’s been 5 months, has the voice quieted down in your intellect in phrases of this is not likely to operate, this is going to operate out?

No. I think when I created the choice I believed, All right, it wants to work. 

It just demands to operate as a necessity.


Was it a lot easier acquiring associates to go on the journey with you and obtaining your mom and stage father associated?

Yeah, of course. Of system it was a significant enable for me due to the fact I could find out from them. We still perform with each other and I have taken on more duties and administration positions. It is really excellent if you have associates of your household you can depend on.

How significant was it for you to visualize a long run of accomplishment for you to be equipped to make that leap?

Certainly, I assume so. I was contemplating about diverse situations. Frequently, anything I do I test to visualize it earlier. So it was very a long approach but of system it assisted me a whole lot.




Adventures of a Young Naturalist by David Attenborough 


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