There have been five female winners and three male winners of Landscape Artist of the Year and this post is an update about who they are and what’s happened since.

If you want to add yourself to this list, NOON on Monday is the deadline for
entries to Series 9.

Series Winners

The winners of the different series of Landscape Artist of the Year are
as follows

So where are they now?

The review below indicates that many of the winners have continued to develop strong series of artwork in their own personal styles.

It’s possibly worth asking yourself, before you enter, whether you have a clear style and themes to your artwork.


Nerine McIntyre (2015)

Nerine McIntyre paints under her maiden name of Nerine Tassie.  She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2002 with a degree in
Fine Art.

Natural spaces and forms provide the basis and inspiration for her work,
in particular the coastal waters and woodlands around her home. These
landscapes are ever changing and at times daunting and they provide
infinite subject matter for her work. Her paintings are primarily an
exploration of the mystery of nature within this subject matter and she
says she has always sought to create a strong sense of atmosphere and
connection to place within her work.

Since winning in 2015, her website indicates she has been very active in
exhibiting each year – with a number of different galleries – and that her landscapes are typically isolated, dark and sombre.

Recent work by Nerine Tassie

Richard Allen (2016)

Richard Allen attended Central Saint Martins College in London as a Fine Art (Painting) student, continuing his studies there at post graduate level. In 2016, Richard Allen won the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. As part of his prize he undertook a number of commissions for the National Trust.

Richard Allen’s paintings combine unflinching scrutiny of the subject with bravura mark-making. Whilst there is a playfulness in the occasional use of ephemera and images within images (still-life paintings of photos and postcards, scenes assembled from virtual reality) there is also an commitment to the act of observation, the act of painting and making an intensified version of reality.

He has also worked as an illustrator 

  • winning several international accolades (Association of Illustrators golds, Society of Illustrators LA gold, Society of Illustrators NY silver, 3×3, Commarts), 
  • working with many well-known clients including the New Yorker, The NY Times, Esquire, and most high-profie UK and US newspapers and magazines. 
  • In 2017 he won the V&A Illustration prize, winning the Editorial Illustration award and the Moira Gemmill Memorial prize for Illustrator of the Year. 
  • In May 2019 he won the V&A Award for Illustrated Journalism.

He has exhibited with various galleries and some open exhibitions. His work is held in public and private collections internationally.

His website indicates he paints more portraits than landscapes.

Instagram: arichardallen

Tom Voyce (2017)

Born 1989 in the UK. Tom Voyce is a British painter whose subject matter comprises of a variety of different themes such as interiors and semi abstracted landscapes, often within the notion of place and transit. He also teaches workshops.

To me, there’s more than a bit of a hint of Richard Diebenkorn.

“In Transit” Series by Tom Voyce

Instagram: tomvoyce_art

Twitter: tomvoyce_art

Jen Gash was the winner in the first year I started reviewing every episode of Landscape Artist of the Year. I remember having a delightful lunch with her at Fortnum & Masons (I paid!) before we visited the exhibition of the work from the series.

Besides being an artist, Jen trained as an occupational therapist

I am a life-long artist, exploring physical and psychological landscapes.

Willing to embrace serendipidity and emergence in the painting process, and excited by notions of adaptation, resilience, loss, oddities and the nature of human “doings”

Her £10,000 prize commission was for the Imperial War Museum – see Macedonia – commission for Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

Below are some of her favourite paintings in 2022.

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Fujiko Rose (2019)

Born 1997 in England. She left school age 16 to work with her mother. Fujiko Rose’s artwork has a very unique style, with a delicate balance of the ornate landscape using predominantly Indian ink on a variety of distinctive surfaces.

Since winning the 2019 Landscape Artist of the Year, she has exhibited at a variety of London fairs and galleries. In December 202, she had a solo show about Modernist Views in a gallery in Mayfair

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Born in 1965 in Cambridge. Ophelia did an Art Foundation Course at CCAT, studying under the tutelage of the acclaimed illustrator, Warwick Hutton and the highly respected painter, Julia Ball. She then studied Music and Education at Homerton College before taking up painting full-time.

  • In 2014 she was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Prize for Children’s
  • In 2021, she won the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.
  • She has exhibited in over 100 shows around Britain and abroad.  

She sells original artwork and prints of her work on her website – and I highly recommend you take a look. There are few artists as original as Ophelia.

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[NOTE: In 2021, the timing of the two competitions switched. The Portrait Commission was broadcast in the Autumn and the Landscape Competition – filmed Summer 2021 – was broadcast in the winter months of 2022. Hence there is no 2021 winner.]

Elisha Enfield (2022)

Born in 1989 in Milton Keynes. Elisha graduated from the University of Brighton in 2011 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. She is now a figurative and landscape painter based in Buckinghamshire. Her artwork often involves fire. Elisha has exhibited in a wide variety of galleries and been selected for leading art competitions and open exhibitions in the UK.

Artwork by Elisha Enfield

Her work has been selected for the Affordable Art Fair Graduate Showcase and awarded the Landscape Award at the Discerning Eye. She is the winner of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year S7, 2022 and the ING Discerning Eye Landscape Award 2022.

Her £10,000 Commission from Manchester Art Gallery was intended to celebrate the industrial heritage of the North West.

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Finn Campbell-Notman (2023)

Born in London in 1970. He had an unconventional young life and lived in (and on) an antique boat in the Norfolk Broads with his artist parents. His art studies took him to B.A.(Hons) in Fine Art at U.W.E. Bristol and at Wolverhampton (to 1993). He subsequently got a double First Class B.A. (Hons) in Illustration (1998-2001) from Falmouth College of Art, Cornwall, UK before gaining an M.A. from the Royal College of Art, London. He has worked as an illustrator in various ways. As an artist he has developed several series of works. Since 2020 Finn has been without a studio or permanent home and divides his time between Bristol and Andalucia.

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