Midnight Call - KALTBLUT Magazine

Midnight Call – KALTBLUT Magazine

Midnight Connect with is a collaboration among trend photographer Federico Di Mambro and vogue accessory designer Nareg Krikorian, discovering body identity in the marriage concerning fashion components and gender through an introspective late-evening face. A KALTBLUT distinctive.

As an extension of Federico’s previous perform, the collection takes advantage of style equipment of the two digital and actual physical distortion to provoke the viewer and propose the plurality of the self, the fluidity among masculine and feminine, the shifting definition of actuality and its elusive significance in an generally far more digitalised era.

Federico Di Mambro is an Italian fashion photographer based in London. There he accomplished his scientific studies in Movie Production and a Master’s in Fashion Images. As a mix of both subjects, Federico’s practice mostly revolves about cinematic self-portrait photography, in which he scientific tests the human entire body and subconscious in relation to gender identity and society, typically making use of things of bodily and electronic distortion to problem the objectivity of fact. Most of his scientific tests are induced by the contrasting different worlds he lives in: the most spiritual and conservative small hometown in central Italy compared to the futuristic avant-garde metropolis of London.

Nareg Krikorian is a resourceful maker, with an eye for inspiring tales told by way of crafts. As an aspiring designer and maker, Nareg’s passions intersect concerning graphic arts and accessory patterns. Mixing the two-dimensional environment of styles and colors, with three-dimensional types and materials, even so achievable. 1 of Nareg’s traces of manner extras is Godo.

Godo explores the daring and modern side of manner and accessory layout. Finding inspiration in the accent archetypes and their needs, Godo aims to inject a refreshing and purposefully exaggerated truly feel into today’s dynamic layout industry. The essence of the brand name arrives from a personal obsession with leather artisanship. Deciding on to respect the craft and the substance jointly, Godo’s parts prioritize gradual and quality procedures and techniques in assembly. Concentrating generally on left-over leather-based scraps scattered in leather ateliers in Lebanon, the collections adapt in accordance to the availability of the substance. All merchandise are produced by hand with the greatest genuine leather cuts.

Images, Styling and Resourceful Direction by Federico Di Mambro /
Instagram: @federico_di_mambro
Images Assistant is James Stevens / Instagram: @jamess19
Designer is Nareg Krikorian / www.naregkrikorian.com /
Instagram: @naregkrikorian
Leather Bag by Godo / Instagram @godoleather
Vintage by Ella Costache / Instagram @ella_costache
Product is Federico Di Mambro / Instagram @federico_di_mambro