"Moonrise Over Two Parking Meters" by Photographer Sean Ellingson

“Moonrise Over Two Parking Meters” by Photographer Sean Ellingson

After living abroad in Hong Kong for nearly five years, Vietnam-based photographer Sean Ellingson relocated to Los Angeles, California in 2016, where he began to document his new surroundings. The resulting series, “Moonrise Over Two Parking Meters,” is the culmination of a year of exploration with no agenda. “My work is created in response to my environment, but I was undergoing a bit of reverse culture shock while also attempting to establish a sense of place and familiarity with my new surroundings,” he explains. Drawn to the uncanny details of the city, he chose to document L.A. every day for one year, as a way to help ease the transition:

“While walking throughout the city, I encountered a variety of subjects that oftentimes revealed sculptural qualities, coupled with elements of light and space within the urban environment. A collection soon began to take shape, and with time, I discovered a series of patterns throughout the growing body of work that heightened mundane scenes into something extraordinary. By employing an intuitive process, the dynamics of the project evolved into a daily visual exercise, which forced me to look differently at Los Angeles while exploring notions of place, perception, and experience.”

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