Moving IG Followers To An Email List | Courtney Hassmann | Episode 865


Courtney Hassmann | Episode 865

Courtney Hassmann is a ceramic artist in Houston, Texas. Courtney pinches pots, cries a lot, and loves her pets to death. Courtney’s work is about doing the same thing over and over and finding something new every time.


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Why did you start building an email list?

Actually it started as a way to give people…my shop updates sold out really quickly and so it started as a way to give people early access. So I started an email list and I would notify my email list an hour before the Instagram to when the shop updates were happening. So it started as a way to give people a better chance of getting what they wanted if they were on my email list and then just really early on I had a feeling that I really didn’t like Instagram and I didn’t like how it made me feel and I didn’t like having to be on it all the time. So I wanted to be off of this app eventually at some point and be able to continue to do what I do. So I was like, Okay, I’ll get people to join an email list and that’s how it will be. 

Do you use any other enticements to draw people to your email list?

I do try to make my email list a little more fun and put extra tid bits in there and make it more of me and less of Instagram.

Do you have a website that you bring people to to sign up for your email?

Yes, I have a links page in my website that is on my Instagram that has my email list, my Patreon, the shop page, and whatever else I put in there.

And you put that in your bio?


Is your Instagram a straight up account or did you make it an influencer account or a business account?

It is a business account and actually I started getting paid for reels views. So that’s been nice. Thanks Instagram for that one thing that you have given me.

How much Instagram pay you per thousand views?

It’s very weird and I don’t understand, the number of views doesn’t equate to dollars. It doesn’t make sense really. But basically I get one hundred dollars a month and it seems impossible to get more than that so I don’t know. I also don’t get that many views.

How often do you communicate with your email list?

I only communicate when I am having a shop update which is every two months.

So what I ere you saying is that you use it as a platform for announcements, not for doing a newsletter. 

Right. I definitely don’t do the newsletter thing. But I have recently started putting in just more of my own personal info. But it’s not a monthly newsletter.

What’s something in the studio that has you really excited and what is something that’s got you challenged?

I have been working with this new technique that I kind of made up myself with colored clay and I love it, it’s so exciting and I think the challenge with it is how to incorporate it within the work that I do now and the work that people know me for.


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