NFT Art Stories | Gizem Doga, Between Art, Science & Technology -

NFT Art Stories | Gizem Doga, Between Art, Science & Technology –

About Gizem Dogan

Gizem Dogan is a digital artist and visual designer who specializes in simulations and conceptual renderings. Her work and artistic style falls under the surreal, modern, and metaphysical. Her work has deep ties to outer space, the universe, and physics laws.

Gizem was born in Izmir, Turkey. She attended Istanbul Yildiz Technical University where she majored in Interactive Media Design. She has worked on a variety of projects including music videos and commercials. Gizem is also a successful artist in the NFT space, her art has been acquired by multiple collectors on SuperRare.

Gizem first met digital arts at 18 and participated in her first group exhibition within UNHCR in 2019.

She enjoys various art forms, including digital art and crypto art, and started this early on. Gizem particularly appreciates creating simulations with Houdini as she feels it allows her to express herself the most. 

Curiosities about Gizem.

Cinema is one of her biggest passions, especially movies from her favorite directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Gaspar Noe, Tom Ford, Bong Joon Ho, Yorgos Lanthimo.

She loves food and will never eat for survival rather than for absolute pleasure as an authentic Turkish girl. She also loves the nordic lights and would like to travel to Norway or Iceland for some inspiration as she believes there is a correlation between those effects and the simulations she creates.

Her favorite artists are Bernini, Neri Oxman, Pigo Lin and Can Büyükberber.

As for the NFT ones, she likes Hexeract and Murat Pak, with a special eye for The unsold by Murat Pak. 

Gizem and NFT Art.

She has recently been working nonstop on an NFT series for SuperRare.

Gizem’s approach to NFTs started in 2020, while she was already interested in the technology behind crypto and blockchain. After all, NFT is a combination of two of her favorite things: blockchain technology and digital art. 

Gizem has just finished a 3 piece series Xibalba and is already working on her next project soon. 

Gizem Dogan
Xibalba Life / Edition 1 of 1
Gizem Dogan
Xibalba Death / Edition 1 of 1
Gizem Dogan
Butterfly Effect / Edition 1 of 1

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