Opportunity Comes To Those Who Work | Bianca Pintan | Episode 912

Opportunity Comes To Those Who Work | Bianca Pintan | Episode 912

Bianca Pintan | Episode 912

Bianca Pintan is an artist born and raised in Brazil, now based in the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Following a captivating inner-call and intuition Bianca began her journey into creating ceramic art. Having always worked hands on, the art of ceramics came naturally to Bianca, as though her hands had memorized these movements before. As a self-taught artist Bianca uses this to her advantage, being open to receive inspiration rather than searching for it, exploring the realm of ceramics with a playful curiosity. Bianca’s pieces are all hand-built, a unique technique used for the classic shapes she is creating. Bianca allows the clay to guide her into whatever shape is wanting to be birthed, creating an exceptional relationship with her medium. Playing with the textural elements of shape and light, Bianca’s pieces tell a unique story each time you view them.


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 What were you doing that made you available for opportunities? What made you findable?

I feel like most people found me by Instagram which sounds crazy. So I think it was just being out there.

What kind of work do you put into your making? What’s your work schedule like?

I love being free and that’s the thing that I am careful not to get away from so I have a making list. I have orders and commissions to fulfill but I like being free. So I should do whatever I feel like doing on that day, for sure sometimes a piece is ready to be carved or it’s time to open the kiln absolutely but I like to be free to do what I feel like doing and that transforms everything into an easy thing.

How much time do you put towards the marketing portion of your making?

I don’t know, because as I said if I have something that looks like a picture, if I am making a piece and the light is good and I feel like recording I will just do it. I have tried to time myself, to time how long it takes to make a piece but it just kills the vibe for me. So I actually don’t know.

What kind of equipment do you use to record yourself?

I do everything with my iPhone.

Do you use a special stand or anything?

I got a tripod, a very sh** tripod at first and then recently I got one with a magnet so it makes it so easy and that’s all. I actually got another one that was taking too much space in the studio so I just have one now that I always used to keep my phone on so it doesn’t get scratched on the table and things like that. I try to have the newest iPhone because I like it and I can see the difference when a new one comes along and I find it easy to post a picture and do everything, rather than having a camera and then you need to upload.

What kind of editing applications do you use?

For the videos?


I do everything on Instagram. Absolutely nothing. It’s as simple as simple can be.

What’s your favorite size of piece to work on? Do you like big pieces or smaller ones?

It really depends on my mood. I really like the pieces that are my medium size. They are super easy to make. Small pieces are actually really hard because my hand is big and doesn’t fit inside easily so I get limited and the bigger pieces are always a challenge. You put so much love and work and you never know if they will survive.


The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz 



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