Renowned Ukrainian sculptor exhibits at RBA Bicentennial

Renowned Ukrainian sculptor exhibits at RBA Bicentennial

Ukrainian sculptor Alexander Lidagovsky is a guest exhibitor in the current RBA Bicentennial exhibition at the Mall Galleries. 

Iron Horse by Alexander Lidagovsky
Steel Corton
(Currently on exhibition in the RBA Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries)

He specialises in public art and has a number of much larger sculptures on the streets of Kiev.
Alexander Lidagovsky
with his Iron Horse

He’s in this country because his studio in Kiev was destroyed within an hour of the Russian invasion. 

He’s now living in Kingston – with his wife and daughter – while his two sons are fighting in the war with Russia. 
He’s also working in a new studio and looking for new opportunities to exhibit his sculptures
Below you can see some of his sculptures in Kiev – as they were before he left.
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There are many sculptures “on a rope”. In almost all cases, balance is achieved by the fact that some part of the sculpture is below the rope and is heavier than the upper one. As an example, at least my Cherkasy sculpture “High Note” (violinist). Here is another solution. “The balance”, 2013 bronze, steel, height-6m

Alexander Lidagovsky BIO:

  • 1961: born in in the city Huliaipole of Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine. 
  • 1982-1987:  studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design


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