Review: Renaisser Raphael 530 stylus for Microsoft Surface tablets

Overview unit delivered by Renaisser

Renaisser is a enterprise regarded for producing digital styluses that are appropriate with Microsoft Surface units. The Renaisser Raphael 530 stylus is the most up-to-date addition to the line up with a retail selling price of USD 39.99. FYI, the Microsoft Area Trim Pen 2 (evaluation) is priced at USD 129 and the more mature Surface area Pen is US 99.

The Renaisser Raphael 530 supports Microsoft Pen Protocol 2. (MPP2) and has tilt sensitivity, 4096 amounts of tension sentivity and palm rejection.

The create high-quality is great with its whole metallic overall body. The matte textured physique is cozy to keep and has very good grip. One aspect of the cylindrical structure is flat to snap magnetically to supported Microsoft Surface gadgets. However the pen isn’t going to snap to the Surface Pro 8 since that pill would not have flat aspect edges.

There is certainly a side button and eraser button at the back.

The pen is run by a built-in battery with USB-C charging. Charging the battery for 15 minutes supplies 70 hours of use, and charging for a person hour gives 100 several hours of use.

Here is a dimensions comparison with the more mature Surface area Pen (center) and the Surface area Slim Pen 2 (base).

The tip is rubberised just like the older Floor Pen’s suggestion. This tip has some resistance versus glass and gives fantastic handle for drawing.

The pill I’ve used for the exams and sketches below is the Microsoft Area Pro 8.

These are line exams made with Affinity Photograph. I tested the a few pens for (1) original activation pressure and diagonal line wobble, (2), tapering strokes, (3) force transition and (4) drawing dots.

1. The pens with the very best initial activation power are Slim Pen 2 and Raphael 530, adopted by the Surface Pen. Trim Pen 2 has minimum to no diagonal line wobble. Raphael 530 and Surface area Pen have slight wobble with diagonal strains which you can see in test #3 as properly.

2. All a few pens have some issues with tapering strokes. The strokes can taper but not as smoothly when compared to pen displays or pen tablets.

3. Lines are able to transition from slender to thick and back again to slim. This implies the pens are in a position to detect nominal pressure variations. Notice the diagonal line wobble with Raphael 530 and Floor Pen.

4. Dots can be drawn very easily by tapping the pen suggestion.

Below are sketches drawn with the Renaisser Raphael 530.

This was drawn with Affinity Picture. I did not knowledge any difficulties with the wobbly diagonal lines even though drawing.

This was drawn with Principles. Drawing expertise is superior. No troubles.

These are tilt sensitivity exams from Principles app with the exact tilt brush.

Out of the three pens, the Trim Pen 2 was in a position to develop the greatest stroke variety, followed by the Floor Pen and last of all the Raphael 530.

The Raphael 530 has complicated developing thick and wide strokes with tilt. If you can not produce broad strokes with tilt, the option is to adjust the brush sizing and that of class is not as practical. So tilt sensitivity is an area the Raphael 530 can improve.


Drawing general performance is great. There is slight wobble with diagonal strains but it can be typically a non-challenge whilst drawing. The key downside is it is complicated to get really wide strokes with tilt brushes as opposed to Slim Pen 2 and Surface Pen.

For US $39.99, the Renaisser Raphael 530 surely delivers more price for money when compared to the Microsoft Slender Pen 2 and even the Surface area Pen. Even with the minor downsides, this is a pen I can advocate mainly because you can save a good deal of cash by not likely with Microsoft’s pens.

By the way, do examine out my critique for the Renaisser Pelican K8 wireless keyboard for the SP8 much too. That keyboard case has a slot to home the Raphael 530 pen.


You can come across the Renaisser Raphael 530 stylus on Renaisser website retailer and Amazon (US | CA | Uk | DE | FR | ES | IT | JP)