doodle weaving made with colorful yarn in a round embroidery hoop

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My head is regularly seeking to healthy in time to weave. I am these kinds of a novice, and don’t definitely have a type, but I really like participating in about with shade and shape. This time I tried out a spherical doodle weaving utilizing an embroidery hoop! I did not comply with anybody’s directions, I just made it up as I went alongside. I am confident there are much better techniques to do this, but I just used tape, yarn, and a glue gun.

doodle weaving made with colorful yarn in a round embroidery hoop

For a lot more in-depth instructions, see my to start with doodle weaving in this article. I made use of the very same system.

And if you want to see a shorter online video, click on here to check out my Instagram reel.

gathering yarns and planning a color story for the round weaving

Provides necessary for round doodle weaving:

~ Yarn in distinctive colours and weights (you can go to a craft retailer or invest in on line – affordable yarn is just fine)

~ Wooden embroidery hoop (I utilised an 8-inch hoop)

~ Masking tape

~ Pom-pom maker (optional)

~ Very hot glue gun

~ Craft wire for hanging

making the warp from yarn for a round weaving

How to make a spherical doodle weaving:

1. Established up the warp (these are the vertical threads). I did this by cutting a total bunch of threads and then taping them to the side of the hoop. I did not measure, just eye-balled. I also loosely taped the hanging threads up to the side which is why it appears to be like like there is so significantly tape.

doodle weaving with yarn using a fork as a tool to press down the weft

2. Commence weaving. Anything goes, here. Refer back to my first doodle weaving publish for a lot more specific guidelines. Just begin and conclude underneath. And use a fork to push down the weft (individuals are the horizontal threads).

doodle weaving with thick and thin yarns, using tape at the ends of the yarn instead of a needle

3. I use a “shoelace” procedure when weaving whereby I wrap the end of the yarn with a piece of tape so that it’s easier to weave with. This is mainly because I are not able to find my plastic weaving needles. But it is also because I just can’t see very well plenty of to thread the needle. This method performs genuinely nicely for me. It is brief and easy.

doodle weaving with thick and thin yarns, using an embroidery hoop

4. You don’t have to go from bottom to best when doodle weaving. You can begin everywhere and go all over until it’s all stuffed up. I ultimately want to weave like I would draw, but for now I instinctively go base to major. You can also go back again in and fill spaces if there are gaps. The fork really aids to make it all limited.

Doodle weaving using an embroidery hoop

5. When finished, I pulled off the blue tape that I made use of to loosely keep the ends, but I left the tape that retains the warp. I designed absolutely sure you couldn’t see it when putting the outer hoop in excess of the interior hoop. Tighten the outer hoop as limited as you can.

Tracing a pice of felt to glue onto the back of the embroidery hoop round weaving

6. Trace the hoop on to a piece of felt with a pencil.

Using hot glue on the back of an embroider hoop to seal the back of the round weaving

7. Sizzling glue the felt to the back. This is a really uncomplicated way to complete the weaving so you really do not have to deal with all the finishes!

Gluing on a piece of felt to the back of an embroidery hoop used to make a round weaving

Adding a homemade pom-pom to the round doodle weaving

8. Make a pom-pom to cover the small knob on leading of the hoop. Include a piece of wire to hold!

Doodle weaving in a round embroidery hoop.

Voila! Really do not ignore to check out the video!

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