Saype in Oman: Toward Good Ideas

Saype in Oman: Toward Good Ideas

Saype in Oman: Toward Good Ideas

Knowing that most of the corporate media and state interests are owned or influenced by interests vested in oil, we’ll never get an accurate reading on the extent of damage incurred nor the danger to our future. If so, it will be after the money is made.

Remember how many decades it took to get cigarettes out of our daily life/death? And when we caught them, they just renamed themselves, rebranded, and moved on to greener pastures of unsuspecting consumers. They’ll keep kicking that can down the road, keeping the economy hooked, creating clouds of confusion and suspicion around the topic in the media and culture until they can squeeze the last dollar out of it. Or Yuan, once the BRICs countries fully congeal.

Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)

In the meantime, some are still pursuing alternate energy options, like solar for example.

“I chose to paint this child playing with the magic of solar energy,” says French-Swiss street artist and land muralist Saype. “Looking towards the horizon, he symbolizes the renewal of a civilization that must now reinvent itself to continue to grow without destroying the planet.”

Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)

The 11,250 square meter artwork is titled “Toward Good Ideas?”, is made of biodegradable pigments, and is at the Ibri solar farm in Oman. Saype says that he hopes the work causes us to question our relationship to energy and to seriously consider what new solutions are available to replace fossil fuels.

The project is supported by the Swiss Embassy in Oman.

Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)
Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)
Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)
Towards good ideas ? » by Saype – Oman (photo © Saype)

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