The Best Lights To Heighten a Stage Performance

The Best Lights To Heighten a Stage Performance

The best lights to heighten a stage performance will also ensure more pizzazz

Using the best lights to heighten a stage performance greatly improves the production of a live show, concert, or presentation that needs more pizzazz. Learn about the best lights that will make your events come alive.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but how many words does the lighting for a stage show tell? Without the appropriate light fixtures emphasizing the show artists want to portray, the audience would be in the dark—literally and figuratively. We’ll explain the best lights to heighten a stage performance to ensure you check all the boxes before you go live.


For a long time, floodlights have been the standard for providing powerful downlighting. One of their major selling points is they’re relatively small, so you can strengthen your stage lighting without taking up too much room.

LED stage lights—which use less power and produce less heat—are the most common and effective version of floodlights. Going this route, you may save money on the stage lighting setup and help the performers work their magic without an overbearing light turning them into a puddle of sweat.

Par Cans

Par cans are versatile light fixtures that cast their light in any direction thanks to their parabolic aluminized reflectors (pars). For instance, LED par lights may easily transition between their downlight and spotlight modes. Their adaptability makes them popular in various wedding and event-planning-related commercial settings. They alter the way a place looks in all lighting conditions.

Strip Lights

No other kind of stage lighting can compare to the brilliance of strip lights. The RGB LED lights use color theory for event lighting design to perfection, allowing for some spectacular color blending effects. They come in a wide variety of forms and sizes. They’re most effective when you use them to augment your existing stage lighting. Their eye-catching hues and designs will ensure all eyes are on you during your performance.


A stage performance isn’t complete without a spotlight directing the audience. Spotlights make it easy to pick out a single group performer who’s on the move. You need spotlights if you want strobe lights. The best versions allow you to change the light’s color, focal length, and stroboscopic effects. With these models, you can easily provide either very brilliant highlights or softer, more subtle follow lighting.

Theater Lights

Theater lighting is a time-honored example of traditional backlighting. Theater lights fulfill a dual purpose of lighting your performances and the environment. For example, dimming the lights during a play might foreshadow the arrival of a more personal, tragic moment. Another case in point: turning up the house lights before a dance performance may rev up the crowd. These lights are an absolute must for any stage.

Incorporating the best lights to heighten a stage performance assists a production in putting on the best show possible. The average person may take an effective lighting design for granted whenever they attend a live event. Still, those in the business understand how integral these five light fixtures are for telling a story.

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