Tips for Creating an Art Portfolio and Showing Off Your Work


An artist contemplates tips for creating an art portfolio and showing off her work.

When pursuing an art career, there’s no better way to display your talent and personality than by creating an art portfolio. Let our tips for creating an art portfolio and showing off your work guide you.


As a budding artist, gaining exposure and generating buzz about your craft is central to building a business and expanding a brand. The need to create a space that encapsulates the journey becomes paramount as you continue to hone your skills and break ground in the art world.

Creating an art portfolio is a crucial first step in the profession and a fantastic way for artists to demonstrate their capabilities and creativity for an audience to appreciate. However, creating a portfolio isn’t always easy.

In this article, you’ll discover tips for creating an art portfolio and showing off your work to potential clients, employers, and curators.

Compile Your Best Pieces

Your portfolio’s strength and presence will rely on the original work you include. Prioritize quantity over quality when selecting your pieces, whether they’re portraits, landscapes, or digital art. It’s best to group pieces by style, dimensions, and mediums to establish a well-organized space that displays your artistic range.

Ask for a Second Opinion

Art portfolios are like resumes in that they display your greatest highlights. Just as you wouldn’t send in your resume without proofreading the content, you should have a second pair of eyes glance over your selections. While you can gladly accept feedback, the final changes are yours to make.

Promote Your Portfolio

Creating your portfolio is the first step to expanding your brand, whether it’s physical or online. Building a clientele can be challenging without an audience to appreciate your craft and talent. It helps to promote your art on social media so your work reaches a wide audience and contributes to a more profitable business.

An art portfolio is a “calling card” showcasing your best artwork to an audience while providing insight into who you are as an artist. It combines your passion, personality, and professionalism in one place. Utilize these tips when creating an art portfolio to show off your work and make a strong first impression.

Are you an artist? Do you have tips for creating an art portfolio and showing off your work? Share them with us.

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