Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Art Studio


An artist at work in the studio surrounded by many tools. Creativity will sometimes make you realize you need tools you didn’t know you needed in your art studio.  

Stay up to date on cool art tools. Discover the tools you didn’t know you needed in your art studio, and make sure you get them soon.


Easels, paper, paint, clay, and brushes are all art studio must-haves. But other innovative supplies make craftsmanship easier as well. Check out the tools you didn’t know you needed in your art studio, and add them to your wish list.

Proportioner Tool

When you need to scale something up or down, use a proportioner tool to complete this task. The tool measures your original drawing, then transfers it to your new drawing with the right proportion. The instrument is easy to use and comes in handy! Don’t spend too much time trying to reconfigure drawings.

Electric Eraser

Artists use erasers all the time. However, many don’t own an electric one. Electric erasers wipe away unwanted pigment, restoring the white on pages. Don’t overwork your hand trying to reduce scuff marks. Instead, use an efficient tool that removes imperfections. The best part is that electric erasers cater to colored pencils too!

Portable Band Saw

Depending on your medium, you have specialized tools that manipulate materials. If you design furniture or slice tough materials, you need a band saw to cut hardened items. For art studios, it’s best to own a machine that’s easy to maneuver. That said, portable band saws are the best. In fact, a common use for portable bandsaws is making decorative cuts. They create clean edges with intricate designs that look great on workpieces.

Tabletop Photography Setup

Whether you sell art online, post pictures of creations, or like to have professional images of workpieces, you need a photography setup. Tabletop studios include backdrops, a tripod for your phone, and LED lights. Take pictures of workpieces in the best lighting, and share them on social media or with clients.

Of course, tabletop studios are small. So it’s best for small-scale artwork like paintings, tiny figurines, or mini models.

Index Finger Knife

An index finger knife is a tool you didn’t know you needed in your art studio until now. Traditional X-Acto knives are common for precision cutting. However, it’s hard to grip some of these knives, resulting in sore hands.

Luckily, an updated version of this knife has an oval shape that “hugs” your hand. The new model is comfortable and offers better control. It’s also much smaller than traditional knives.

A handheld knife is a must-have tool for artists working with paper collages and crafts.

As an artist, have you ever found yourself looking for tools you didn’t know you needed in your art studio? What did you do? Share your thoughts. Leave a comment.

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