My paints were packed for Christmas in California but there was no time to paint. My 2 grown kids and their families live 30 minutes apart so Christmas week was spent in a blur of activities driving back and forth between houses with lots of cooking and playing games, delicious dinners, laughter, and much running around. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? However, this week I will be in Park City with my daughter’s family so I expect to have time to reflect on 2022 before we start another year. I have finally decided, reluctantly, to give up skiing but am very sad about it. Although I am grateful to have spent so much time on this earth, getting older does come with some degree of loss. Luckily painting is one of those activities one can do even in your dotage. I plan on trying snowshoeing so hope to do some plein air snow scenes. Wish me luck! The forecast is for snow all week!
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