Undeadlu | Finding Herself Through Cryptoart

Undeadlu | Finding Herself Through Cryptoart

The Story of Lucrezia

Undeadlu is Lucrezia, born in 1995 in Italy, where she still lives and works.

Lucrezia has drawn since she was a child; being this her passion, she would have studied art to create her future, but her parents refused her to do so. They always disagreed on how art could be a reliable job choice but rather a hobby that won’t deliver financial safety. Later, Lucrezia went on a degree in mechanics and eventually hated it.

Feeling unapproved and demoralized was starting to become her daily routine. 

Her parent’s thoughts, while frustrating her, also somehow fortified Undeadlu’s love for drawing as she decided to enter the world of tattooing and worked in a studio for some time.

Soon, she realized that the studio was mainly a money machine where art was at the bottom of their priorities, a conclusion that pushed her to leave.

“I saw a world where the money comes before human relationships and where someone legitimizes stealing the work of others (in this case mine), justifying it with the phrase ‘Come on, it’s just a drawing. You can’t get mad!’ Well, no. It’s not just a drawing, but that’s another story.” she explains on her website.

The Rise of Undeadlu

After some time, Undeadlu finally discovered the world of digital illustration and became a true fan of it. In February 2020, a friend she will always be thankful to suggest she look at SuperRare.

From there, she discovered the magical world of crypto art. A world where “stealing” is impossible, where you are free to express yourself, and a world full of great opportunities.

You may find Undeadlu on SuperRare, Makersplace, KnownOrigin, Opensea, Async or on Instagram.