Zine For Potters | Kasandra Guzman | Episode 906

Zine For Potters | Kasandra Guzman | Episode 906

Kasandra Guzman | Episode 906

KuuPottery is a small batch pottery studio and learning space created by Kassandra “Kuu” Guzman. Each piece is made on the wheel with hand sculpted handles. Most know for The Curvy Amphora and Boinggg! Handles, Kuu has been featured on Showtime with @ziwef, Design Milk and The Freye Museum Shop.


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How is a zine different from a blog?

I feel like a blog for me at least, gives me the feeling of more per5sistence. Like consistently posting even mundane things. Whereas a zine is more like a period of time has passed and this is what’s happened. So it feels more of like something that doesn’t happen weekly, it’s more of something that happens quarterly.

So do you have a schedule that you try to produce a zine on?

Yeah, I try to do at least three zines a year but the schedule is like if you…the way that I work is very intuitive so it just depends if I feel like the collection is ready. Sometimes I aim for dates that have nice sounding…eleven, eleven or three, two, one. Dates like that just have a more magical feel to them and I aim to post then. But it always seems like when I post it is always around my birthday. That’s when I have the energy to release a zine and a collection, which is in May. So spring time collection, summer collection and Christmas collection.

Do you need a theme for each “issue”? 

I don’t know because my mind goes in a million places. My last issue had to do with my experimentation with lucid dreaming and practicing dream yoga and how that effected my dreams and how that effected my creative state. So that was one and I had another one that way me editing my pottery into interior design locations that I would love to be in. So visualizing my pottery where I think it will go and how it would fit in different places. So wherever I am mentally is what will be produced.

How much writing is actually involved in producing one?

My last one had a lot of writing. I feel like I had more thoughts. But I think there is an even amount of visual and writing.

Do you have back issues available on your website where people can read your zines?

I have put it on my website before but I haven’t updated it on my website. I use Shopify so I am just learning how to post on Shopify. I do all of my own web work too so my issue with Shopify is when I make blog things is that the pictures start to disappear. So I go check on it a couple of days later and one of the pictures are gone and I think, This is not working I need my website to look cohesive. So I will just shut it down but they are all in people’s emails in my subscriber’s archive.

How do you build a subscriber list?

I built my subscriber list through word of mouth, through direct contact with people, meeting people and telling them to subscribe. Through Instagram, I think whenever someone has interest in your work you should should direct them straight to subscription list.


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