Catello Gragnaniello | How Human Are We?

Catello Gragnaniello | How Human Are We?

About Catello Gragnaniello aka Cateloo

Catello Gragnaniello, aka Catelloo, is a 3D and NFT artist from Naples, Italy. A student of the Naples’ Academy of Fine Arts, Gragnaniello grew up during the rising years of the internet and the evolution of computer and tech art tools. With time, his passion for science-fiction and technology merged with his home city’s unique view of art and lifestyle. 

Creative Investigations

His art investigates the most powerful human feelings, such as love and loss. Catello’s characters are usually faceless, a choice to show how an individual’s look cannot tell a story as much as lighting, posture, shape, and color. This way, his humanoid figures may look like models for a tech-digital experiment. Indeed, a permanent leitmotiv of his works relies upon the question: How human are we? 

By examining topics of this depth, Catello represents both the utopic and the dystopic perception, leaving the viewer free of interpretation. His art is an aesthetic manifestation of human feelings, moved by the day-to-day of his life; that might be a chat or a melody, always something that prompts him, and, through this articulation of the non-human, we get to see the human. His humanoids live in an ethereal space with no time to highlight his dilemma of belonging or not to this world. 

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