Favorite Lessons for Valentines Day and Celebrating LOVE!

Favorite Lessons for Valentines Day and Celebrating LOVE!

Let’s talk all things Valentine’s and celebrating LOVE, shall we? I’m putting together A TON of lessons in this post from weaving to painting, sculpture to clay all for your heart-themed pleasure. So, let’s get started!

This Jen Stark lesson was one my students really enjoyed last year. You can find all the details, including a video, right here! 

I did this lesson with my kindergarten and third graders last year and both LOVED it. It’s so open ended and allows for big messes and exploration. Try doing this on large paper for big, colorful results. I just happened to have a ton of this large yellow construction paper so that’s what we used! Full lesson with video right here. 

Wanna do some printmaking? I’ve done this lesson with first and second grade in the past. Each one is so sweet and allows students to really spend a lot of time exploring printmaking. A hit, I promise! Lesson right here. 

This lesson is one that everyone seems to love! AND each one of these adorable critters comes complete with a how-to-draw video. SO, all ya gotta do is hit play and walk away! Here’s the video right here for all animals!

Of course, it’s the Year of the Rabbit! So you could use that rabbit drawing to celebrate. 

If you are looking for a weaving project, here’s one that my first graders have done nearly every year. It’s a great way to introduce weaving and a little sewing too! All the details with plenty of paper weaving videos here. 

My fourth graders LOVED making these! These giant candy hearts were so fun and made quite the impact when we displayed them with a huge candy heart box. Lesson with video here. 

If you want to go a little smaller in scale, you could try this candy heart drawing on for size! Info with video here. 

Many artists have been inspired by the shape of hearts to create their art. In this lesson, students explored four different artists and a variety of media. It’s a fun one and we did it in one art class! Lesson with video here. 

Kindergarten had so much fun exploring printmaking with these hearts. We used a book as our inspiration. Lesson here…and check out the lesson below for the follow up project we did!

Aren’t they gorgeous?! AND kindergarten made them, y’all! All the details here. 

Can you really celebrate Valentine’s Day without celebrating the work of Britto? My first graders reviewed pattern and line with this lesson. We also used bleeding tissue paper and paint sticks for this. So, lots of mixed media! All the details can be found here. 

What’s Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates? We learned about the artist Peter Anton and created plaster chocolates and a papier mache box in this lesson. Video right here!

Looking for simple and FUN? Try this Chris Uphues-inspired lesson. This post has a video and a free handout! You can thank me later. The kids LOVE this one!

Feeling ambitious? Try on a school-wide collaborative! In this, my students, kindergarten through fourth grade, each created a heart using a different medium. You can find out who made what and how it call came together, here. 

Several years ago, I had to do jury duty so I created this lesson for my students to do with my sub. That’s right, this here is a SUB PLAN. And she rocked it! And so did the kids, of course. Video lesson here. 

This heart-themed clay project is one that I lead the faculty and staff at my school to create. It was an Our Heart Gives Them Wings project and it was so fun to come together as a staff and create. Here’s the video I made for the staff to view. 

My second graders used foil and celluclay to create these hearts! I love them, they look so very Jim Dine-y, don’t you think? Video lesson and more details right here.

Need a fast and furious, one day art lesson inspired by an artist? This one IS THE BEST! The kids get messy, explore chalk, learn about J Goldcrown…what more could you ask for? Video and more here!

My first graders used up scraps to create the hearts you see above and below. We also learned about positive and negative space. This was a fun one and the results were so stinkin’ pretty! Lesson here. 

AND more Chris Uphues love for y’all. These were collage hearts created by second graders and they were just the cutest thing! We added them to our heart printed background, seen below. Lesson here. 

Whew! AND there you have it! I hope you find something here to get you to Valentine’s Day! BUT I really believe we can celebrate love all year ’round, don’t you? Enjoy!

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